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About me

Hey! I’m Hana

I love cacao (drink it maybe way too much), prefer tropical parts of the world and cherish my own freedom the most out of everything. I work online, each time being on the other side of a globe & I love to share that with others.


As you can see, this website is in a completely different language. What’s the language you ask? Well, it’s called Czech and that’s also where I’m from – Czechia. Cze- what? Where is that? Somewhere in Germany? Haha, you’re close – it’s right next to it. So to put it straight, central Europe.

For all of those, who came here to get a glimpse of who I am, I created this English page where I’d like to tell you – heh – this is a solely Czech website. But don’t worry, if you still wanna check it out, you can always use Google, and translate it to English.

You might wonder..

I currently don’t live back in Czechia or Europe, in fact I don’t really „live“ anywhere. I travel the world, change places very often, living the digital nomad life. I do love southeast Asia, the past years I spent mostly in Bali and Thailand, and in the meantime visited many other places.


I do hope I satisfied most of your questions and if you want, hit me up with an email or message.